Planet earth is a living being with a neural network operating through the electromagnetic sphere generated by the earths metallic core. The network interfaces through DNA and cells, what we call life and see as nature, as well as working through weather systems and tectonic plates. The sun interacts with creatures in the atmosphere extending the planets consciousness. Beyond the human subset there is a break between us and the larger mind. Therefore human consciousness rarely transcends human specific code. Over millennia this has become a semi discreet neural net, where human generated objects like words, art forms, languages, models, patterns of recognition create a virtual reality that seems like the real world. We only glimpse the real world through our virtual reality, like through fleeting windows. But what we see is all too quickly consumed by a priori definitions. We cannot see much of the surrounding reality, or when we do, we see it as something it isn’t. How does this relate to you? It is who you are, who I am, our singular identity. The main frame we return to in dreams. Both author and writer, male and female, indeed all humanity share the same consciousnesses, refracted into our illusory individualities as “me”. It is neither male or female, though fluidly adapts to any biological condition natively. If we could transcend the human firewall, larger nature comes crashing in. Transcend nature and face the quantum level of consciousness. Who needs a transient human perspective when you can be the mind of the planet?


How often have you stood there, out in the frosty air of an early Spring morning when the sun has not quite yet breached the horizon, and found your breath catch in your chest at the crisp clarity of the stars?

I stood and wondered where my life was going. One journey had come to an end and I finally felt free to begin what might become the biggest journey of my life.  This blog will explore some of my experiences and many of my ideas and will hopefully be the diary of my ongoing progress.