Who is Sion Ap Cernowain?

Artwork by @wiccarts on Instagram

Just a man.

I was born breech, with the umbilical cord around my neck. It was decided I was a boy with a “little bit extra”. I have Klinefelter syndrome, aka XXY, with an additional isochromosome Xq. It’s much easier to say I am special. 🙂 I also had feet that turned inwards and fingers that could not open. Obviously I was ready for a fight as I was born making fists! It later transpired I had a speech defect too. My feet and hands are now quite normal, though they can ache in the depths of winter. My speech impediment is long gone, though when nervous I can stutter or speak far more quickly than most people can hear.

My personal beliefs are eclectic and fluid. I am still learning, and always will. I am Pagan, though maybe that should read Pagan with a twist. I have a basic “working practice”. I will publish it here in due course. I have studied many religious practices over many years, along with mythology and folklore. Freedom of religious choice is as important to me as freedom of speech, the freedom to love whom I please and to live as I please. As long as my life is positive and I harm no one, I am happy. My chosen path fulfils me and I am always open to learning more and experiencing more, from books or directly from others. One reason I dislike organised religion, especially monotheism, is that it seeks to restrict freedom of thought, of expression. I have the added issue of being a victim of 6 years of clerical sexual abuse as a child, as well as a total of ten years of familial abuse. I like my faith system to be as close to nature, the elements and energy as possible. These are expressed my own way.

I have lived a very varied life and have overcome many obstacles. I have loved and lost, through breakups and death itself. My childhood left me with many scars, most of which are not visible. I have been diagnosed with C-PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder, both of which I now control without the need for mind numbing medication. Being “D.I.D” I consider a gift. Over the past ten years the majority of my “alters” have been integrated, along with their knowledge. I am now, what I jokingly refer to as, “An Unholy Trinity”. Many know all this about me already. I believe my experiences and my current multiple “status” have magnified my abilities, my preternatural ones especially.

My maternal line, going back at least 6 generations, were all “wise folk”, or Pobl Hysbys as they were called in Wales. I recall my Grandmother having a large herb garden and having jars and bottles of all sorts of weird and wonderful looking herbs, oils, tinctures and suchlike. She learnt from her mother and so on. Very little seemed to have been written down but I do have an old “recipe” book which is sadly falling apart. My mother went into nursing but she also learnt the alternative methods too. Sadly she died when I was nine yrs old and had been sick much of my childhood so I never really learnt much from her. Her mother took over the role of mother and teacher.

I consider myself a kind man. I don’t agree with asking for personal financial reward for any work I do. If it is offered, I may or may not accept, or suggest something else in lieu of payment. Some herbs, a plant, a rock, a favour for a favour or a donation to the Temple. I am not looking for fame or notoriety. I believe we are all equal. I am no better or worse than any other living creature on this planet. My interest and activities in paganism, magick, the occult, psychism and herbal lore and treatment goes back to childhood. I have years of notes, ideas and practices written down which I intend to make organise and share.

Sion Ap Cernowain is my chosen name, not my birth name. That is not a secret and neither is my activity on various online platforms. I have been known by various other names over the years. MagickMan, Draccy, Ap Arthur, The Phoenix Male etc. All had and some still have a purpose. A man for all seasons. All three of me.

There is more that I shall add here or in separate posts over time. This is just an introduction. Hello World.