Cernunnos Guided Visualisation

Sit or lay down comfortably.

Adopt a position that won’t cause cramps or aches if you remain still for some time.  If it helps, softly play some background sounds. Good choices might be woodland birdsong, wind rustling through trees or a babbling brook. Or just silence. 

We are going on a journey. It’s not very far and there is nothing to fear. You must deeply and sincerely want to reach our destination. We are going to a place a breath outside of time and place. I will walk with you. 
Close your eyes. Don’t scrunch your eyes shut, just let your upper eyelid rest on the lower.  A gentle caress..

Concentrate on your breathing. Nice and gentle. If you can, breathe through your nose.  Breathe in slowly in three stages. Say this word in your mind as you do. 


Hold that breath for the same length of time, if it helps, repeat the name in your head. Then slowly exhale in the same manner. 
Keep repeating this.

In your minds eye I want you to see the edges of a forest. You are currently twelve steps away from it in a rough field. 

You can see a pathway between some of the trees, walk towards it in time to your breathing.  Each syllable one step.  

You are now entering the forest. You hear birdsong and the scratchy sounds of animals in the undergrowth. Be calm, nothing can hurt you here as long as you wish it no ill will.

You approach a boulder at the side of the path, pause a moment. Place your left hand on the boulder whilst still repeating your breathing mantra.


Can you feel the song inside the rock vibrate to your breathing? It might feel like a tingle of a vibration. But it will pulse in time to your breathing.  Once you’ve felt that vibration repeat for three times, move onwards down the path. 

Your nostrils pick up the faint smell of wood burning and your ears hear the distant sounds of laughter. Joyous laughter. Soon you will approach a second boulder. Follow the same steps here as with the last. 
Don’t forget your inner mantra.


Keep repeating this for 7 cycles of the name. Once you are confident you feel the song of the rock return to you move forward again. The path now forks. This is your choice and yours alone.

The left path leads to a clearing deep in the forest.  Only those that feel no hate or jealousy can move down this path.  Cast aside toxic masculinity and generational ideology of what and who you should be. This is your chance to find inner peace and joy, connect to to the beating pulse of the very planet. Cast off your cares, your fears, your inadequacies. Be free.  If you are successful you will approach a clearing. Keep repeating the mantra as you breathe. 

Enter the clearing and take a seat on one of the rocks or fallen tree limbs.

Keep breathing, wait, be patient. Take in the sight in front of you.  When you are ready, stand up and announce your name. You will be heard.

When he calls you over, take a seat opposite his on the other side of the fire pit. He is humbly dressed, torn robes and a tatty cloak. His face is hidden by the hood,  but you know he watches you. 

Keep breathing. Keep repeating the mantra. Keep your eyes on the dancing flames in the fire pit. 

Patience, humility, a heart filled with love and need. These are your keys. 
When he calls your name, stand up and follow him. He will lead you to a wide stream with a deep pool. Keep breathing, keep the mantra going, 
He walks into the pool and calls you forward. You may enter robed or disrobed. The choice is yours. Walk up to him and bow your head. 
You are just over waist deep in water. It is warm, it feels good. Keep breathing. He presents you’ll with a cup and asks you to fill it from the pool.  You still cannot see his face. 

You hold the cup in front of you and declare these words. 

As I drink I wash away and cleanse myself of the toxic harm my life has been fuelled by. I give myself to the planet. I claim equal standing to all around me. I am no better nor am I any lower than any one. I am me. That is enough. 

Is your sincerity was genuine, you will have entered the outer temple of Cernunnos. 

Go take a seat by the fire, watch, listen, learn

After you are finished, make sure you ground yourself back in this reality.

Disclaimer:- Do not attempt this unless you are serious and committed to following the Horned Path. This is not a contract, though it will have repercussions in your life and should not be done flippantly.